Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Oldest Son

*JMJ* I to believe that my oldest son was visited by someone from heaven when he was a child. When my oldest son was two, he was into all of his shows. He liked Barney and all of those toddler shows. One day I needed to get my shower in so I told him to stay put in front of the t.v. I told him that I was going to take a really fast shower and that I'd be right out. He was in the living room watching t.v. on the floor. If you look to the right you can see the glass sliding door from where he was sitting. I hurried with my shower so that I could check on him. When I came out of the shower, my son was standing in the kitchen where the glass sliding door is. As soon as he saw me, he asked, "Who was that lady?" I said "What lady? What was she wearing?" He said, "She was wearing pink and red and had yellow hair with Power Ranger buttons all over it." I said where was she standing?" I thought he was going to tell me that she was standing right outside the glass door. But he said, "She was standing on that garage." Right over our privacy fence, directly behind us in the backyard, our neighbors garage is butted up right against our fence almost. So all you see is the roof top of their garage. I told my son that I didn't know who that was. "He looked at me and said it was an angel." What was weird to me is that I never talked to him about angels. He was only two years old. Then years later, after I became Catholic, I read about Our Lady's apparition in Pontmain, France in 1871. I almost dropped the book as I was reading it because there were so many similarities to what my son said he seen. In this apparition, Our Lady was being seen only by children and not the adults. Our Lady was seen in the sky above a rooftop. The apparition began in the evening on January 17, 1871. A little boy looked into the sky and seen a woman first. The woman appeared above a house across the road. She was a tall beautiful young lady of 18 years old. She was wearing a blue robe seeded with small gold stars. She wore a golden crown. She looked at the boy and smiled. When the boy called his brother and father over, only his brother could see the lady but not the father. After dinner, the family went back along with all the others who lived in town as the word spread. Still only the children were able to see and no adults. The children now seen a small red cross on her chest. The adults were praying furiously. In the mean time candles were lighting around the lady and stars were moving out of the sky surrounding the lady. There was a scroll under her with gold letters appearing. Every time the adults changed prayers, something different would happen in the apparition. One time it read, "But pray my children." The next time it read, "God will hear you in a short time." Then the children yelled out, "She's laughing!" Then the scroll read, "My Son." And then all the adults knew that it was The Blessed Virgin Mary that the children were seeing in the sky. The children said she was laughing, smiling and that she looked beautiful. After awhile the whole vision disappeared the children said. I left some of the story out obviously because this is a post and not a book. But perhaps my son seen the Blessed Virgin Mary. I know he seen someone from heaven. Whether it be an angel or Mother Mary. My son is a teenager today and when I ask him about it he says that he made that up. But he didn't. A two year old can't make up something like that, and talk about angels when he never knew about angels until that day. If you are interested in reading about the whole apparition, the book I read was, 'Key Apparitions of Mother Mary." And one of the stories in that book was about the apparitions of Pontmain, France. Obviously I couldn't add all the details here in this post but what an amazing apparition that was. Happy Lord's Day!

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Aaydens Mommy said...

That sure was something, wasn't it?? I still remember that. It actually gives me chills every time I think about it. (in a good way of course.)