Monday, February 9, 2009

My 10th Anniversary

*JMJ* I just wanted to mention that my 10th anniversary of becoming a Catholic will be this 2009 Easter season. Actually during the Easter Vigil back in 1999 is when it took place. And what a gift the Lord will be blessing me this year as I celebrate my 10th year of becoming a Catholic. My 40th birthday will fall on Easter this year. But most importantly is that my son will also be making his First Holy Communion this spring. Another blessing that I will be having this spring is that my second grandson will be born within days apart of my son's First Holy Communion. I just feel like the Lord is really flooding me with such blessings as I celebrate my 10th year of being a Catholic this year. It does make me humble. There are a lot of great events that are going to take place this spring. But the way I look at it is this. It doesn't start with my birthday being on Easter or me celebrating my 10th year as being Catholic. It begins with the EUCHARIST. And then all the blessings trickle down from there. That's the way I see it. To me it's so easy to see that. I'm so happy that the Lord called me to Catholicism. And I'm so proud to be Catholic. I truly love my religion. And I pray that the Lord will keep me faithful to him, until I take my last breath. Blessings to you all. *Note- I just want to mention that I was baptized Catholic but finished my initiation as an adult. *Oh I almost forgot. It will also be ten years that my husband and I got married into the Catholic church. Shame on us, but my husband and I sometimes, ok well usually forget that date because we don't celebrate our anniversary on the date we got married into the church. We go by our original date. Which was ten years prior. That's probably why. I just had to come back to add this in. Have a blessed day!


Michael said...

Anne, another inspiring post. It's so wonderful to read about someone who really appreciates what the Lord has given her. I hope this Easter season is your best yet!

Aaydens Mommy said...

Isn't it funny how it is your tenth year of being a Catholic, and now you have all of these wonderful things to look forward to in that year? Funny how God works! =)