Monday, February 23, 2009

My Little Black Book

*JMJ* Yep I got my little black book for my Lenten reflections. You can get a blue one during Advent and a little white book follows after the little black book for the Easter season. I just love those little books. They do help you to pray daily to. It has neat little tid bits about Lent on the left side of the page. The right side is for some scripture taken from the bible. Then at the bottom of it, it leaves you with a time to reflect. You'll know what I mean if you get the book regularly. It says, 'Spend some quiet time with the Lord.' From here your suppose to say your own prayers. I do hope you all attain one of these little black books for Lent to help you stay close to the Lord during this Lenten season. I got mine! Every little thing that helps us Catholics to get geared up for Lent, is great. These books were written by Bishop Ken Untener. He passed away in 2004 but these little black books still get circulated by the editor by using the writings of Bishop Untener. As I am writing this post I'm now wondering if others from other states even get these little black books. So let me know. I'd love to hear from you. P.S. Today is shrove Tuesday. It's a day when Catholics eat pancakes to help them use up some dairy that is left over before they start there fasts tomorrow.


Michael said...

I have not seen a black book for Lent before, but I love the idea! I'll have to try and find one. And I never knew today is shrove Tuesday ... thanks for the lesson!

Princeton Capital, LLC said...

Do you know where you can get this on line - as a PDF? I do not have time to have it delivered.


Lena said...

I am in another state, and our parish gives out the little books. I love them.