Sunday, August 16, 2009

An Awesome God!

*JMJ* I absolutely love to read the National Geographic's. I love, love, love this magazine. This is the only magazine that I read from cover to cover. No kidding. I sent away for a subscription. They have a great deal going on right now and I get a free world map. I just love free stuff. =) But the reason why I'm writing this post in my Catholic blog is because every time I pick up one of these magazines, it brings my mind to God. Every single time. Even if I don't pick one up for six months. And the August issue was no different. When I see the photos of strange, but beautiful colored birds. I think of God. It also had a picture of leaves. But if you looked closer, you can see three frogs! They were blending in with there surroundings to hide from predators. When an article talks about the biggest volcano in Yellowstone park that will eventually pop some day. And they show graphs of the depths of these volcano's going thousands of miles below the earths surface. This just amazes me. When the Yellowstone volcano erupts one day.....and it will.....that it will destroy the whole earth. That's what the experts are saying. You can see photos of strange ocean creatures. Again it will bring my mind to God who created them. It's just amazes me. Or there will be an article talking about how Salmon go back to there birth place to mate and then they die. But the generation keeps repeating it self. It's just, so fascinating. It brings my mind to God. How did God create all of this in as little of six days! Oh my gosh. It's a mystery. I will never understand it. Not now anyway. But hopefully one day. I forget what country, but bodies were being found in the bogs in a leather like state in almost perfect condition from thousands of years ago. It's just so remarkable. Get this. The last article was about camels! That brought my mind to Christ. Because there were camels in His day for transportation. The three wise men, right? When I got to it, I thought "This doesn't bring my mind to God." Then I thought, "Oh my gosh! It does! It does!" Lol. =) See! And to think that God had created all of us human beings. But what really gets me is all of the intricacies. How all humans, animals, plants, the atmosphere and the bodies of water, all work. It's just so mind blowing. But to know that there is such an awesome God who created this. Created this from NOTHING. Hello. Wow. God is so great. That is why I give the National Geographic such a high score in my book. Because it brings my mind to God. So the next time you see a National Geographic on a book stand, go ahead, and pick one up! I'll bet you'll be delighted to see, that it brings your mind to God. God bless you all!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Check This Out!

*JMJ* My husband found this illusion on the Internet. I just had to share it with you all!
You have to stare at the center of this illusion for at least 30 seconds. In the area of those four small dots. After 20, you might guess what the image is, but continue to stare at it for the full 30 seconds. Then quickly look at a white wall or a white piece of paper and begin to blink quickly.
Awesome isn't it?! I thought it was just awesome. No other word for it. God bless!