Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Bah, Humbug!

*JMJ* I'm sure that we all have encountered this behaviour from people who work with the public or that are just out and about in some way. Let me just start off by saying, I'm not being judgemental. But I do feel like this needs to be addressed. As I thought about this post, I could tell that my thoughts were being pulled in different directions, but I want to try and stay on the topic of people being rude. What are the patron saints for dogs? Because my little pooch is going to need some intervention today. Pray that she still has her ears and tail intact when I go to pick her up from the dog groomer. Oh dear. I took her back to this new groomer who clipped her ear a tiny bit last time. I figured it was an accident and took her back to the same groomer. But what I really want to talk about is people's bad attitudes, bad manners and unhappiness in life in general. I'm not talking about people who lost loved ones or someone whom they are close to is ill or are ill themselves. I'm talking about people who have no good reason for their bad behavior. Like today when I walked into the doggy parlor. There were two people working there who did not greet me, I greeted them! Then I asked for my dog's groomer. She came around the corner and I got no greeting from her either. She kept walking back and forth a few times before she even spoke to me. She looked like she didn't want to be there. Her shoulders were slouched down, looking sad and depressed. Didn't her mama teach her any manners? When she came around that corner, she should have stood up straight, greeted me with a smile and said happy holidays, it's nice to see you and thank you for letting me be your dog's groomer today. I'm just tired of seeing people's grumpiness for no darn good reason. It's so rude! Myself, I'm very shy. And I have to combat that because I don't ever want anyone to think that I'm a rude person. For example, when my youngest son started school a couple of years ago. It had been several years since I had to deal with an elementary school with rude moms who were very snobby. This time, I tried to combat my shyness to make it a point to talk to as many moms as I could. Even when clearly they did not want to talk to me, I would continue to talk to them. I think they finally gave in to speak to me because they probably seen that I wasn't going to go away. It's not that my shyness went away, that will never go away because that is apart of who I am. But my shyness was not showing in public. So I started to talk to these moms almost on a daily basis. I didn't think we were friends, we were just acquaintances. We were all moms with our kids in school. I was on a mission. I was going to become friends with all of the woman in our group of moms. Not so much for me, but so that no one would feel left out. If I seen a mom by herself for a few days at the beginning of a new school year, I would make it an effort to talk to her for the next few days. Then, she would join with the group of moms. I felt bad for the woman by herself. She must of thought I was so snobby and rude. But I combated that by talking to her. Then like I said, a few days later she joined in with the group of moms. I felt better because no one was being left out. And no one could say that I was being rude or snobby. One day there was this lady who usually talked to us but she was standing on the side, away from us. When I turned around and seen her standing there by herself, I motioned for her to come stand by the group of mothers and she did. Yeah maybe I did take it upon myself that day to presume that she wanted to be with us. Maybe she was having a horrible day and just wanted to be by herself. But I gave her the option of standing by us or standing by herself. I guess I'm just trying to point out how I will go out of my way for another human being so that they don't think that I am being rude or snobby in anyway. A couple of years ago when this all started, someone even asked me if I was in the PTO. I said no. In the group of woman, we are all different. Different nationalities, different ages, etc. But I have to say we are all speaking. Like I said, I am shy and I don't know why God chose me for the job. But I can clearly see God working through me. I feel comfortable enough to possibly have these woman over for a tea party. Two years have passed. Their all moms like me and they to work very hard. Some work out of the house and some are a stay at home mom like me. Some even have babies. But like I said, we're all talking. And one reason why I'm still iffy about asking them over for a tea party is because there so many moms now who are talking! I'd have to invite all of them! I could not be rude and leave anybody out. :-) I remember two years ago when my son entered Kindergarten that there were like 12 moms just standing there and not even speaking to each other! I thought how horrible. How rude. And what terrible manners! My hubby knows how shy I am. I tell him, boy you wouldn't know I was your wife up at the school with all the talking I do now. And I have to watch that balance. Because you don't want to be dominating or stalking anyone. Yet I've noticed that with my new found confidence, I may be shy but I can still be in a group. I've built confidence within myself, thanks be to Jesus. I've noticed it taking place at my church as well. Maybe it comes with maturity to. I wouldn't say it's low-self esteem with me. I've always felt like a worthy person. Some people don't like it when you have confidence. They wonder what your so happy about. And then they will be rude to me. They will turn their backs on me. But what they don't realize, is that your not turning your back on me, your turning your back on Christ who dwells in me. I have respect for all human beings. Because I know that the Lord loves them just as much as he loves me. God created them. So I have a general love for all people. And you wonder what brings that confidence and happiness within myself? Jesus. The King of Peace. I always feel at peace with my Lord. And if I start to feel uneasy, I know what I must do. I know when I'm not close with the Lord because that uneasy feeling creeps in. That is when I run back to the Lord where I know that I will find that peace that I think all humans long for really. Then there are times when your confidence feeds off of other people and they are drawn to you. But what their really looking at, is Christ working through little ole me, in my situation. So how should I end this post...Just know that God loves all people. He created them. Your important to him like no other person on this earth. You need to put your priorities first. When I'm closest to God, I find myself being happy about my life. Yes I am not exempt from going through difficult times. For one because I'm still breathing. But that confidence I feel when I'm close to the Lord can never be taken away from me by anyone. I guess through mortal sin, but thanks be to God, I haven't fallen into mortal sin and I hope I never do. I guess I'll close by saying, if your close with Jesus, how could you ever be rude to anyone again? Like my priest told me. You live close to the Lord, you die close to the Lord. Thanks be to God! Jesus I LOVE you! P.S. By the way, my doggy looked fabulous. And the the dog groomer loved her Christmas tip. :-)


Aaydens Mommy said...

What a lovely post! I'm like you, I am very shy too. I found it does help though if you put yourself out there and just start talking to people. =) Glad the pooch's ears are still intact.

zetor said...

I was terribly shy as a teenager, would run to my room when visitors came, now well past teenage years(in my 50's) I can sympathise but I do agree with you that the only way is to force yourself to speak, hard as it is. I do things now that seemed unsurmountable years ago!