Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New Beginnings

*JMJ* So we can all get into ruts where we're not doing the spiritual things that we should be doing. We've become lax or in a rut like they say. But what a great time to try and change that with just days into this brand new year. I don't know about you, but when my life is going awry, I get this feeling. My soul feels unsettled. It's not at peace. Then I know it's time to pull my self out of that rut with the help of the Lord and get back into the swing of things. And that means many different things. And what I mostly mean by that is pulling back toward the Lord. To think more of him because we love Him. Here are just some of the things that draw me closer to the Lord and feeds my soul so that it's back on fire with love for Him. I go to mass every Sunday but I will go a couple of times during the week. I'll go back and sit with the Lord in front of the Blessed Sacrament if I've been neglecting to go. I'll try and recite my rosary every day again like I use to. I'll make time to pray for frequently. I'll just pick up my bible and go to my bookmark where I left off and start to read from that point on. It's as if God has been there waiting for me to pick up my bible again. Like my priest said in his homily the other weekend. You can't find good new in the news. But you can in the bible. I just love reading the bible so much. Or I will pick of a spiritual catholic book or a book on one of the saints. These are all ways that bring my closer to the Lord. And then my soul feels at peace and rested again. I feel more focused of what's important and why I'm alive and what I'm suppose to do. Because the world can put your mind in a whirl wind in so many directions. I can't live my life like that. I need peace. Even through difficult times. And I know that I can only get that by becoming closer to the Lord. But it's really not me. It's the Lord that's moving me to become closer to Him. So that is how I'm starting out this brand new year. To become closer to the Lord. He asks for perfection in all of us because he is perfect himself. We are all called to be Holy people. We all get off track sometimes. I know I do. I've mentioned this to my family before. When I was going through R.C.I.A. to become Catholic, and even to this day, I'll shake my head in prayer and say, "Lord, why did you call me to the Catholic religion. I make such a horrible Catholic!" I use to say, "Lord, don't use me for an example!" I have to laugh at myself and I do. I have to keep things light. So may we all grow closer to the Lord this year. What are some of the ways you get closer to the Lord? I'd love to hear your comments. God Bless!


Michael said...

Hi Anne,
I feel the same way from time to time. I try and listen to the bible every morning (Daily Audio Bible on my ipod!). I absolutely feel "different" on days I start with the bible verus those I dont.
I also try and blog and read blogs- which forces me to spend time thinking about our Lord. Its nice to know we are all in the same boat!
God Bless.

Anonymous said...

Great post Anne. I think we have all felt that way at one time or another.

Sweetie said...

A wonderful post! Thanks for sharing.

Aaydens Mommy said...

I like this post! It's nice to know other people feel the same way from time to time. I just love this blog of yours! it's so intersting!!! =)